4 Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

Strong passwords help to secure your account from hackers. Try these tips on how to make your password stronger.

#1: Keep it long and complicated

Use at least 8 characters, combining uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t use dictionary words like “password”, “apple”, “123456”, etc.

#2: Avoid guessable info

A password doesn’t need to be hard to remember, but it must be hard to guess. Avoid using personal info like your full name, ID number or birth date.

#3: Use unique phrases

Choose a phrase that is memorable and spice it up with a couple of digits and special characters, for example: “1H@vEanAPpL3”, “I*mAFRoz3nF@n!”.

#4: Never reuse password

Don’t use the same password across email, social media and other websites. If one of those sites experiences breaches, you’ll be exposed to the risk as well.

We hope these tips help!

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