Double Layer Protection with Snapshot Technology​

Apart from automated backup, DoubleShield further protects your accounting data by generating snapshots from your backup each day, which will hold up to a maximum of 30 snapshot copies. With these double protections, even if the ransomware got through the first layer of daily backup, you will still have the alternative to recover your data from your snapshots.

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Ransomware Activity Detection System (RADS)

Ransomware Activity Detection System (RADS) is DoubleShield countermeasure against hidden ransomware with the objective of encrypting or corrupting all your backup copies without letting you know, because the ransomware authors know that if you still have any clean backup, you will not pay for the ransom.

With RADS, we can detect hidden ransomware much earlier, normally in the initial stage of the attack, so we can isolate the affected device and also start the recovery much earlier and thus minimize the data loss and avoid business-threatening down time.

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Automated Accounting Data Backup

DoubleShield offers secure automated backup of your accounting data to DoubleShield remote servers, where you can access and restore when necessary. Say goodbye to the hassles of doing manual backup yourself.

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Offsite Backup

All backup copies and snapshots are securely stored in DoubleShield remote servers. In the event of hardware failures, natural disasters, human errors or ransomware attacks, you can access your backup copies from offsite servers and perform data restore easily.


Daily Backup Monitoring & Alert

Stay alert on what is happening to your backup with DoubleShield’s monitoring and alert feature. From backup errors to quota warning, you will be notified on any statuses with regards to your daily data backup.


Monthly Snapshots Reporting

DoubleShield delivers a snapshots report to you every month, consisting a list of your snapshot copies and their timestamps. Whenever you need to restore your accounting data, you can easily trace the timeline from the report, and choose the most suitable one for your restore.

Comparison & Clarification

Protect AgainstAnti-VirusExternal Hard DriveIn-house Scheduled Backup*DoubleShield Data Protection
HDD Failure / System Corruption
Human Error / Sabotages
Burglary / Fire / Flood
Viruses & Ransomware✓ - Existing
☓ - New
Automated Backup
Off-site Backup
Off-Line Backup
Daily Backup Monitoring & Alert
Double Layer Protection with SNAPSHOT Technology
30 Snapshot copies of different timestamp
Monthly Snapshot Reporting
24/7 Email Support
9 to 6 Business Days Phone SupportDepends
COSTRM 0-400 per yearYour TimeYour IT Staff / Outsource MaintenanceRM 1 a day**

* Automated scheduled backup over the LAN to a NAS / PC / file server.

** Minimal charge for one company. One-time setup fee required for each company.

Shield Your Data Now at RM1 a day*

One-time setup & config fee required

About DoubleShield

DoubleShield is a solution that protects your important accounting data against hardware failures, human errors, natural disasters, viruses, ransomware and more.

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603-7877 4680


603-7877 4680