Your Company's Most Valuable Asset is At RISK

Your most valuable asset in your business is your Accounting Data, which is also the most vulnerable one as you could easily lose it in fire, flood, burglary, user sabotages, or simply destroyed by the unstoppable Ransomware.

Without your accounting data, your business operations may come to a halt, and you won’t know which customer has paid, or how much supplier’s outstanding has been cleared.

DoubleShield can have your valuable data protected against the above scenarios with just RM1 a day* without troubling yourself on IT matters or incurring heavy investments.

* One-time setup & config fee required.


Your Accounting Data and Business are at GREAT RISK if you:

  • Do not practise backup at all.
  • Backup with USB thumb drive or external hard drive.
  • Rely on Google Drive or Dropbox as backup.
  • Have auto scheduled backup to another PC/Server or NAS via network.
  • Hope that your Anti-Virus or Firewall will protect your data.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts all files in your computer, preventing your access to these files completely. When one computer is infected, other backup devices or servers that are accessible by this computer, or external hard disks and thumb drives (which might contain your backup files) that are connected to it would be infected as well. The attacker then contacts you to demand a ransom to decrypt the files. You are left with the option to either pay the ransom (which does not guarantee restoring all your files), or to lose them forever.

Ransomware remains as today’s biggest security threat, and its attacks have spiked over the past few years. Once infected, you could lost all your important files and even your backup copies. DoubleShield provides Scheduled Backup and Snapshot Technology to ensure you can restore versions of your backup files to a time prior to infection.


Ransomware Statistics


4000 ransomware attacks occur globally every day


The number has grown 170 times compared to 3 years ago


Every 40 seconds, one company is attacked by ransomware


71% of companies attacked by ransomware got infected


47% of businesses have been victims of ransomware


67% of businesses hit with ransomware permanently lost part or all of their data

Ransomware Victims’ Stories

All businesses, big or small, could be a target of ransomware attacks. Even if the company is equipped with the most sophisticated anti-virus and firewall system, and has the perfect backup solution implemented, it has also been a victim of Ransomware.

Victim 1:  A manufacturer who sells tons of raw materials globally was attacked by ransomware when one of the employees open up an email phishing link.  More than 50 PCs and servers got infected. All data and files in the accounting and backup servers were locked, and there was nothing the IT manager can do but to pay RM 165,000 ransom fee to get back the original files, so the company can continue its daily operation.

Victim 2: Another local distributor of laboratory equipment got hit by ransomware.  Accounting data and backup files in the external hard drive are corrupted. The boss refused to pay, and the company had to rely on previous hard copies to continue their business.  Payment collection was a mess.  The poor accounts personnel had to work overtime every day to key in all past years data from the hard copies.  

These stories show the importance of protecting your business from Ransomware, and that implementing file backup system alone isn’t sufficient enough to fully protect your data. Instead, you need a Data Protection System. Learn more about data protection by watching this video.

Shield Your Data Now at RM1 a day*

One-time setup & config fee required

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