Protect Your Accounting Data Against Ransomware

Ransomware remains as today’s biggest security threat, and its attacks have spiked over the past few years. Once infected, you could lost all your important files and even your backup copies. DoubleShield provides Scheduled Backup and Snapshot Technology to ensure you can restore versions of your backup files to a time prior to infection.

Shield Your Data Now At RM 1 A Day*

*One-time setup & config fee required

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that encrypts all files in your computer, preventing your access to these files completely. When one computer is infected, other backup devices or servers that are accessible by this computer, or external hard disks and thumb drives (which might contain your backup files) that are connected to it would be infected as well. The attacker then contacts you to demand a ransom to decrypt the files. You are left with the option to either pay the ransom (which does not guarantee restoring all your files), or to lose them forever.

1 company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds

22% of victims halt operation after being attacked

1 in 5 businesses paid the ransom and never got their data back

DoubleShield PROTECTS Your DATA

As ransomware becomes more and more sophisticated and destructive over each version, it may not be detected by anti-malware software in time. The traditional way of backup is also ineffective against ransomware as it could attack the USB/external hard drives or PCs/servers/NAS that are linked to your computer. If all your backup copies are corrupted, you could never restore your data.

With DoubleShield, you have PEACE of MIND.

DoubleShield implements two layers of protections over your accounting data. The first layer is equipped with a daily automated backup process, synchronizing your accounting files from the local computer to DoubleShield Cloud Server. The second line of defense works with DoubleShield Snapshot feature, which checks out a copy of your data from the cloud server daily and preserves them in multiple points of time.

In the unfortunate event that you have been attacked by a ransomware, or if there is any unexpected situation occurred on your system, you have the option to restore your files from the backup copies in the cloud, or you can “go back in time” via the snapshots.

  • Daily Backup & Monitoring Alerts
  • 30 Snapshots Backup
  • Ransom Prevention Guaranteed

Shield your data now at only

RM 1 a day*

*One-time setup & config fee required

About DoubleShield

DoubleShield is a solution that protects your important accounting data against hardware failures, human errors, natural disasters, viruses, ransomware and more.

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